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Seeing Differently

Seeing Differently

How am I illumined now d

The other day, I had charged up our mobile wireless internet, and when we tried to access the internet, the phone asked us what network we wanted. That didn’t make any sense to me, but when I investigated, sure enough, the internet wasn’t working.

I chose to open up the jet pack, take the battery out, and in spite of the fact that it took several tries, to take out the sim card, too. I got the sim card out, got it back in, then kept trying to put the battery back in. No matter what I did, the battery would not fit back in. I finally paused, felt myself surrender to whatever would take place, and asked Archangel Michael to help. Immediately, I got a sense that I should try turning the battery upside down and put it back that way. I did, and the thing went in well. All put together, it turned on and worked fine.

That got me thinking. What else in my life would work so much better if I turn it upside down?

© Mary Beth Haines  Feb. 2014

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  • Willian says:

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    • admin says:

      I do choose to spend time on the memes (the photographs with words) and the writing, though it doesn’t take me months! I’ll get another one up here soon. Thanks for the kind words.

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